Basque Urban Graffiti Artist

Graffiti Makina bat taupada

Graffiti painted in Errenteria for the Basque Public school party (Maquina bat Taupada). In this case we have tried to integrate the work into nature. The mural is made by the river and therefore we have tried to ensure that the theme chosen is integrated with the life of the river. On the mural you can see a duck taking flight and a fish jumping from the water, and in the middle, a girl who wets her feet in the river.

There is a game with the tide because when it goes up it completely covers the girl’s feet and when it goes down they are exposed, giving a poetic halo to the work.

In addition the mural is painted on two separate walls and in between it crosses the way that takes us to Oiartzun. Due to this, we have 2 perspectives, one from this way that allows to partially see the mural and another from the other side of the river, from where you can contemplate the entire mural. The drawing on both walls only fits from a specific point on this side of the river and this pushes the viewer to walk to reach this point from where the work is correctly seen, stop to admire it, and walk again seeing how it deforms as we walk.

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