About me

I started doing graffiti at the age of 13, until my father discovered my signature on a van

Since before I started my adventure in graffiti, I was already training my signature in class notes, making tags with a ballpoint pen in the corners of my textbooks. I longed for the moment to have a spray in my hands. The first time I did it, it was typical: with a friend from class, using sprays bought at a local store, in a skate park. Thus began my story as a graffiti artist, which evolved into a more artistic approach over time.

An unexpected turn changed my life: my father identified my signature “NEX” on a van. He always mentions that thanks to the fact that they call me Nextor with an “x”, he was able to recognize my signature among many others. That day, a van covered in signatures crossed his path and, among all of them, a “NEX” caught his eye. He took a photo and came back home with the intention of scolding me severely. However, we ended up signing up for a graffiti workshop together with two other friends. In the end, only my father and I completed the workshop, which led us to start painting murals together.

We face challenges at first, as cities and towns do not offer suitable spaces for urban artists. So we began to frequent “Proisa”, a square located behind the fronton of Pasaia San Pedro, where we experimented with portrait painting. I remember back then, I was passionate about painting faces related to rap culture, like Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Hard GZ, Wiz Khalifa, among others.

This casual experience has allowed me to develop as an artist and explore new horizons in the world of art.

Nextor Otaño