Graffiti LABORE

Soon LABORE will celebrate its second anniversary and as a result of this celebration, they invited us to decorate the kitchen. From now on, the “Laborezain” or partners of LABORE will have this mural in the background in all the activities they celebrate in the kitchen:Through the mural we wanted to transmit the local, paying …

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Nexgraff in the news

19/04/2019 – Diario Vasco, “El arte estalla en la ciudad” Report on graffiti written by Elena Viñas. 12/01/2019- Interview for Graffiti program of Radio Euskadi. 20/12/2018 – Interview for Berria. 15/06/2018 – Interview for the Hirigorrian program of Euskadi Irratia. 10/06/2018 – Mural for the rowing club Sanpedrotarra in the Diario Vasco. 08/06/2018 – Interview …

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Graffiti Ce n’est pas un ascenseur

Graffiti made in Euskadi Etorbidea 57 of Trintxerpe (Pasaia). The community of neighbors, with the intention of improving the accessibility to the building, bought a commercial space and rehabilitated it to include an elevator (without stairs) that allows them to access the portal that is in the upper part.

Building Dreams

Mural made for Carpintería Sandua in the polygon of Eziago Hernani. The mural has dimensions of 10m high by 10m wide and has been painted in 6 days.Building dreams represents the illusion and the importance of play and toys in the realization of people. In this case the toy has been built in wood, as …

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